Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cynthia Honomichl Forbush Update

Here is my summary since graduation:
August 1999 – moved to Logan, Attended USU (still live in the Logan area)
Feb 2000 – Met my future Husband
Aug 2000- got engaged
Nov 2000 – married to Jamie Forbush in the Logan Temple
May 2002 – Graduated from USU in Psychology (minor in Family and Human Development)
May 2003 – daughter born
March 2005 – purchased a computer business (with my husband). I do the book keeping, he does the computer fix ups/data recovery. etc)
July 2006- Son Born
May 2007- Moved into first House (Hyrum, Utah)

Other items since graduation: I like to decorate my house (inside and out). I LOVE to garden (veggies and fruit, trees and flowers). I do a lot of crafts (scrap booking, soap making, home décor crafts, cooking, sewing, making quilts, etc). I am a masterful Coupons shopper. I am currently running for City Council in my town, and still do the book keeping for our business. I enjoy traveling, cooking, crafts, gardening, and spending time with my family and friends. I do all of this while being a stay at home mom.

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