Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tammy Hardy Warmsley Update

Since graduation in 1999, I moved down to St. George, where I went to Dixie State College and graduated with an Assoicate's Degree in Business Finance. I worked at a bank for 5 years, where I met my awesome husband, Eddie Warmsley. He was a regular bank customer and we just hit it off. After a year and a half of dating, we were married in St. George in 2003. The following June of 2004, we had our first baby girl, Taysia. Five months after having her, we merged Eddie's owned business with a larger company in Provo, and moved up here. I transferred banks, and started working for a new bank in Provo for 3 1/2 years, where I became the Customer Service Manager at my branch. Soon after moving up here, I came to find out that I was pregnant again with my second baby girl, Tiana! I have since stopped working and am a stay at home Mom and I get to be with my beautiful girls. Eddie is a Private Investigator with his own company and is doing well, doing what he loves! We are currently living in Payson.

My girls, Taysia now 5, and Tiana now 4, are 14 months apart and are the absolute joys of my life! I love spending time with them and being with them all the time! They are my little best friends and I can't believe they are getting so big!

Taysia just graduated from Pre-school and will be going into Kindergarten in August. I can't believe I have a Kindergartener! I'm dying!!! She is so exited and loves school! She is doing so good and is so smart, and she is alreay reading.

Tiana will be going into Pre-school this August and can't wait to follow in her big sister's footsteps! She can't wait to go to school and be a big girl!

Eddie and I are just enjoying life, traveling lots with his business! We get to travel with him on some of his cases and get lots of little vacations! We love being together and love spending time with the fam! We are going on six years of being married and lovin' every minute of it! RIGHT!?!

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{Erica} said...

TAMMY!! So excited to catch up with you! I think the last time we talked was at the bank :). You look beautiful and your family is adorable. Isn't have two girls the best?!